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What's so funny about peace, love, and understanding?

I'm a victim of the 'burbs....HELP ME!

I have two goals in life, to be somebody's Tawny Kitaen and learn how to do the Harlem Shake.

Why when you type in the url:www1.lalalalala does some strange asian website come up ?!

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Me & The Johnsonator with Rhett "Hottypants" Miller
a clockwork orange, adventure club, andy warhol, apple, apples, badly drawn boy, ballet, barney the dinosaur, basements, ben kweller, blue ball point pens, blue sparkles, bobble heads, bon jovi, bookstores, bows, braces, brandin lea, bright eyes, brownies, bukowski, canned corn, cartwheels, cats, chalk, charles bukowski, cherry vanilla dr pepper, chomsky, christmas lights, chuck palahniuk, clouds, coloring, coloring books, commercials, concerts, corny sayings, cowboy hats, crayons, cupcakes, dandy warhols, david sedaris, deathray davies, desaparecidos, doosu, doves, duct tape art, e e cummings, elvis costello, everyone and their mom, feeling infinite, films, flamingo, flickerstick, fountains, frida kahlo, fugazi, funny jokes, glasses, golden retrievers, guitar, hockey, jokes, joy division, kasabian, kinky friedman, knitting, laces, led zeppelin, les miserables, life alert, losers, lucy loves schroeder, m&ms, marshmellows, matt's hair, miles davis, music, mustard, my ceiling, nada surf, naked lunch, neutral milk hotel, new pornographers, nirvana, nose kissing, npr, old 97's, out-dated words, patti smith, peeing in my pants, physics, pigs, pillows, pink, pitch black, plaid, polyphonic spree, pretty girls make graves, pretty woman, rain, rainer maria, red animal war, rex ewing, rhett miller, rilo kiley, rolos, running with scissors, salim nourallah, scrubs, sex pistols, sharpies, shudder to think, skateboarding movies, skating, smashing pumpkins, smelly pens, smiles, snl, snow cones, snuggling, sondre lerche, spoon, staring, starlight mints, steve burns, sufjan stevens, texans, the 80's, the clash, the cure, the decemberists, the faint, the good life, the polyphonic spree, toadies, tom waits, tripping daisy, tu madre, tv commercials, vanilla coke, vincent van gogh, vintage clothes, weird, white belts, white stripes, yarn